Sunday, May 20, 2012

JLC Sumareez

*Rules Of The Game- Waverly plays her brother in a game of chess and becomes quite skilled at it. When her brother eventually stops playing, Waverly starts to play other people and joins tournaments. Waverly becomes so successful to the point that she is a celebrity in the community.
*The Voice From The Wall- Lena and her family move to San Francisco and live next door to a mother and daughter that argue almost all the time. Lena's mother has been pregnant for a while, and once the baby was born, it died. This brought sadness on the whole family. Lena, though, would just tell herself that she has a better life compared to the people next door.
*Half and Half- Rose has a bad marriage experience and says that it has a undeniable fate, but her mother tells her that faith can shape fate, so she needs to have faith in her marriage. Later, Rose talks about a family vacation to the beach and that out of carelessness, her brother died. After the story, she states that fate is half expectation and half inattention.
*Two Kinds- June gets told from her mother that she wants June to become a prodigy, but June doesn't want to be. After many disagreements, their mother daughter relationship becomes poor. June's mother starts to call June one of two kinds of children, disobedient. The other one is obedient.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 2nd Vocab

arid- My throught was arid due to its lack of moisture.
assiduous- The assiduous young man fought for three days.
asylum- My grandpa gets out of the asylum next thursday.
benevolent- She has a benevolent grin that lightened up the room.
camaraderie- The camaraderie of the team was the reason they won.
censure- The students censure towards the teachers decision was unacceptable.
circuitous- The circuitous path got us no where.
clairvoyant- Due to my clairvoyant skills, I avoided putting myself in that situation.
collaborate- When we are collaborate, we finish the project early.
compassion- The employees all had compassion for the man, but he was fired.